Saturday 3 January 2015

Off to a delicate start

On tuesday I went for a slow run in the remains of the snow. I didn't have any problems as the route was either clear or crunch enough to provide grip. In one spot though the snow was still a few inches thick and I placed my foot on a hidden stone, pulling the lateral ligaments as my foot rolled over. It wasn't a sprain, just a little strained.

On Thursday's walk I was aware of the issue but little more, good going considering we were jumping between tussocks across a bog. By today I thought it was safe to give the ankle a bit more work so set off on the Blacka moor half-marathon route. This gave me options to cut the run short if I had trouble.

I felt a little overdressed when I set off but was glad of my choice when it was hailing on Houndkirk Road.

Even though today was a long run and I might have a dodgy ankle I put a bit of effort in as I was tiring of ever slower runs. This didn't seem to upset the knee or ankle and I arrived home feeling fairly reasonable. The pace was 6:01 minutes per km so pretty middling and really too fast for a long day.

The rest of the day has been physically easy but now I am once again aware of the ankle so it's not back to normal as yet. Doesn't seem to have been irritated much either. It's all a little disappointing as I'm going into 2015 with dodgy knees and now an ankle reading care. I'm kept going by the thought that 6 months ago I couldn't run downhill at all so there is progress.

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