Tuesday 19 May 2015

Ankle and foot

I've had three weeks of progressive increase in distance with the background of a slightly odd ankle and toes. Really, now, it would be excessive to call it even a niggle just something slightly odd. Every so often I'm aware of the ankle around the peroneus ligaments but the most noticeable thing currently are my middle toes feeling slight odd. This is sometimes related to a feeling of excessive eversion and more often to a distinct feeling that I don't know quite how best to put my foot down. There doesn't feel to be  'natural' position either lateral to medial or heel to forefoot.

The physio looked at my feet and decided that they were very tight and rigid, an issue I've been aware of for many years. She was able to loosen them up a little which eased tension on the dorm of my right foot, possibly around Extensor Digitorum Brevis. I've been given some exercises in an attempt to educate the intrinsic muscles of my feet to be more dynamic, both in contraction and importantly, in relaxing. An interesting observation is that I am happiest with my feet walking around barefoot at home, Ok with them in lowish running shoes and find a new pair of trail walking shoes (quite rigid with 12mm heel drop) the worst. Perhaps I've become used to less than 10mm of drop?

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