Wednesday 20 January 2016

Swimming PB but not quite to target

This morning I arrived at Julian's poolside office a little bleary eyed after a disturbed night at St Pancras YH. The historic YHA-enforced bedtimes used to seem draconian but today's 24 hour activity shows the rationale.

He was satisfied with my basic rhythm and pleased to hear of my confident buoyless 1500m. On the 400m time trial I set off at what I hoped was a strong but sustainable pace. The final 100m was hard but I worked at it. My time was a new best at just over 8:20 min but missed my goal of 8 minutes. The first 100m was sub 2 minutes, also a PB, which felt fine, maybe even easy. As I suspected as I try to improve pace my stroke length shortens and with that my pace can drop too. The lesson here is to focus on length and cadence.

The only other point to note was that my right arm is tending to crossover on the reach. 

Right arm tending to cross the centreline
 practiced reaching to the right and must keep on that. It felt quite strange, almost as if to the side although on camera the improvement was clear.

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