Tuesday 20 September 2016

September 2016 Week 2 Session 2

Somehow I missed doing Week 2 Session 1 as I misread my programme. Oh well, at least I did some swimming! The 200m warm-up went well, coming at at 5:00 min, assisted by a final effort to keep ahead of an adjacent swimmer. Today's main block comprised 4 sets of 400m with a progression in pace, all repeated. The first superset went Ok with a small but distinct step in pace between sets from 2:19 min/100 to 2:11min/100m. No length better than a 2:00min/100m pace though. The second superset was poor, even as I set off I knew that my arms had taken a beating and I struggled to maintain a pace of 2:23min/100m by increasing my stroke rate. I suppose that maintaining a negative split across 1600m is fairly good going and I've got room for improvement in coming weeks.

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