Sunday 14 January 2018

First CSS estimate

With a new freestyle technique that needs practicing it would also be nice to be able to track progress and plan some longer sessions. So even though I am a little tired I completed a Swimsmooth CSS estimation this morning, albeit in the warm and short Heeley Pool.

The outcome is 2:23min/100m without pullbuoy which sounds fairly fast considering my performace over the last months (although slow in absolute terms). Notably this pace approximates to that of my 200m PB last friday so perhaps it does all make sense?

I tried to do the same series with the pullbuoy but I was tiring and my 200yard set was at a slower pace than my 400yard. Excitingly the 400yard set was at such pace that I would have achieved my ongoing goal to beat 400m in 8:00min with the pullbuoy. I appreciate that shorter pool is always faster than a long pool but I believe I had a few seconds spare (7:52min estimated).

The shortest set today was 100 yards and I was aware of my technique slipping on occasion but I then refocussed and tried to neaten it up. I think the good timings show that I achieved that overall.

For future reference, set Finis Tempo Pro to 47.8 seconds/33.3m length at Goodwin.

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