Wednesday 22 May 2019


Over the last week or so I've committed to a breathing pattern that balances bilateral breathing with a need to breathe a light more. A rhythm of 3-3-2-2 seems to be a suitable balance.

In today's swim my pace was best in the first right side breathing set (60spm) and acceptable whilst doing a proportion of bilateral breathing (65spm). It's notable that SPL is higher and that my pace declines over the session with this approach. Hopefully though it protects my arms and shoulders.

Nonetheless I was satisfied with some lengths better than 2:15min/100m in the warm-up and an average below 2:30min/100m for 400m. Whilst a sub-10 minute 400m is nothing great this wasn't a 'fast' set and if I'd not run out of time I could have continued.

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