Saturday 12 October 2013

Not the routine

Today I was unable to do the normal, routine, Saturday morning run as I was on a course. Not work related either. I'd been bought a day's introduction to pole lathe turning in the local woods as a birthday present. Over the morning our little group converted half a large log into a piece of wood each that would be suitable for turning. This involved a fair bit of axe work and then shaving the roughly hewn lump into an approximate cylinder. During the afternoon I turned a garden dibber. We were all satisfied with our work and had needed only minimal hand-on intervention from the tutor. An entertaining and educational day.
My handiwork
As we finished late afternoon I had the opportunity for an early evening run and did a pleasant 15km. I'd hoped the ascent would have been faster than it was but the descent was as fast as it felt resulting in a best time for 15km.  I was happy with that especially as both legs were playing up. The left has the ongoing hamstring tension (worse downhill it seems) whilst the right had a hint of ITB tenderness (worse uphill). I wonder if the latter was a result of lathe work?

Both improved with stretching and roller work and I'll be seeing the physio on Monday anyway.

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