Saturday 5 October 2013

Ongoing hamstring issues

After the Strava 20 mile run I had knots in my left hamstring, similar to earlier pain in The Knee but not so bad. Clearly I'd overdone it again! Whilst in Spain it had been niggling and a massage at the hotel hadn't helped very much. On my return I'd seen the physio (well a new associate) and he had worked hard at some trigger points and managed to get a lot of relaxation along my left leg. Now I need to keep up on the stretches and not re-irritate them by overload.

The physio recommended looking at 'Becoming a Supple Leopard' and some of Kelly Starratt's videos although the book gets some criticism here for being rather outdated in its view of musculoskeletal pain.

But back to practice rather than theory: Today's run was a standard saturday run with no extra elements at all! So far the left leg feels fairly good with no sign of an adverse effect. I'd hoped to achieve a marathon this month but that is looking to be too much; I'm not being progressive enough!

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