Tuesday 14 April 2015

Very 'steady' 9km

OK, so last week's 13km with some effort gave me cramps. Two of 7km at various efforts on consecutive days were problem free. So today, after a rest day I went for a very easy 9km run. I made a big effort to have a fairly easy time and the heart rate data suggest that I achieved that goal.

This required walking up most inclines and a lot of glances at my watch if I felt the workload increase. It was a pity to return home with just 9km under my belt as it was a lovely spring evening and it was perfect to head further towards the Peak District.

I was aware of the quads of both legs above my knee and the left knee had its usual diffuse niggles, sometimes medially, sometimes laterally and occasionally in the patellar tendon. Presently that's juts being put down to 'hypersensitivity' as any joint that can cope with nearly 6 hours and 50km can't be that delicate.

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