Thursday 10 August 2017

Derwent Valley Hike

Today had the best weather forecast of the week so it seemed a perfect opportunity to use up a day of annual leave. I didn't want to walk too far, especially as I'd found it a struggle to get out of bed. Using Viewranger it was quite easy to decide that the length of the Derwent Valley was far too much, but a loop to Fairholmes would be perfect.

The combination of sun, heather and verdant moors made for some spectacular views which are impossible to capture on camera. I've tried here though.

On the descent from Alport Castles I missed the path and was sent back by the less than happy farmer. It didn't help that there was no clear signage on the farm and the yard was less than welcoming due to the chorus of barking dogs. Of course, the correct path was evident eventually, although a little detour was needed.

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