Monday 14 May 2018

Focus on arm technique

Since Easter I've really cut back on swim training volume as I was starting to feel shoulder problems. Soon after that I started to get pain around my elbow. I would link the onset of the elbow pain with an attempt to bend my arms to bring my hand below shoulder.

Whilst this may be great technique I've struggled to achieve it and now it seems that I've been trying to mimic it by using my forearm as the driving lever. This has caused some localised pain in my left elbow which is the onset of 'tennis elbow'. The physio believes it's quite mild currently especially since it doesn't hurt during the swim itself. All my swims are quite short currently as I'd backed off because of the potential shoulder problem!

Today I focussed on high elbow and use of the upper arm as the driving lever. The pace achieved was around my current norms so no great impact there. The interesting thing will be how it feels tomorrow.

Assuming I have found a way of not aggravating it I've now got an exercise to do to try to stimulate repair through very mild loading.

It was suggested that I use a hammer - progress nearer to the end of the shaft as strength increases.

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