Saturday 12 May 2018

Gradual improvement in pace

This lunchtime I sent the 935 back to Garmin for replacement or repair. The barometer module is clearly defective resulting in fixed altitude and temperature readings which are off the (sensible) scale. Before packing the watch I went for a swim at Hatfield but only managed 1.4km before I was getting cold and aware of the troublesome left shoulder.

I've collated the swims recorded over the early one year I've had the watch. The data has been cleaned a little in that I've chosen laps where the GPS data looks valid and without long pauses.

I really am getting a little faster
The data shows a distinct trend for  faster pace. I know that in the pool I've made gains and some of this is translating to the open water but I think that I'm tending to sight better and swim in a more direct line. The GPS track lacks detail in water so small zig-zags aren't recorded as additional swimming distance.

The cluster of faster swims in October 2017 are from Costa Brava where the saltwater gave buoyancy, a HUUB wetsuit was probably faster than my warm and stiff Alpkit wetsuit and finally the guide kayak helped with sighting.

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