Sunday 19 August 2018

To the Tabular Hills

My long-for-me run was postponed from Saturday to Sunday but with the bonus of being based next to the North Yorks Moors. I planned a 25km run northwards out of Pickering, picking up the Tabular Hills Walk before returning south to Pickering.

My workflow of Viewranger on Android via gimporter to Garmin 935 worked a treat to set up a instant route to follow. However this approach doesn't work when the route is diverted, as it seems to be in the quarry. As it was a Sunday I allowed myself to hunt around in the quarry for the path to Haugh Rigg. However being sandwiched between quarry workings and a live rife range I had to accept that I'd missed the track.

I resorted to the road and then a sunken track to Newton-on-Rawcliffe. Next time I'm in the area I'll have to try descending along the ridge into the quarry to show the correct route.

Next my route continued through the lovely woodland of Stony Moor, which is no doubt boggy when the weather is normal, along the Tabular Hills Walk to Cawthorn Moor. I must say that I was finding the run to be hard work and was glad to note 'only' 10km remaining.

In Cawthorn I headed south, off the signed walk through expansive fields with Pickering just visible in the distant valley.

I finished off with a few km along the A170 back to town. I must admit that even though there were no obstacles I started on a run/walk routine to stay comfortable as I'd a week of hiking ahead of me.

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