Saturday 8 September 2018

Elbow pain rehab ongoing

After quite a few months I suspect that my right elbow is showing some improvement. I'm doing a variety of shoulder and forearm strengthening exercises for both arms although I only feel them in the left. When I load the joint and in the morning I'm very much aware of discomfort. However it does seem that I'm getting stronger and that the load which induces pain, or stops use, is increasing.

This morning whilst tidying magazines I spotted this.

From Outdoor Swimmer August 2018
I agree with this short item in its entirety. I found the paddles a great training aid for positioning and I felt the training load on my chest. However I do think that engagement of my forearm was part of the set of problems that overloaded my elbow. When my arm is stronger I will be reintroducing the paddles into my programme but in a very gently way.

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