Monday 19 November 2018

A little too much?

This evening my left elbow aches more than it has for quite a few months and is perhaps telling me that it's worked a little bit too hard over the last 36 hours.

I started Sunday with 1300m swimming with just over half of that being bilateral breathing sets with no aids. I'll admit that I only did 100m sets on the whole but that's a start. I did one 200m set with alternate lengths of bilateral and RHS only and that was OK.  In the evening I did my elbow/shoulder weights session and was well aware of that effort this morning.

Just to cap it off, after work today I swam again with a main set of bilateral breathing with the ToyBuoy. The smallish pullbuoy is definitely easier than using a kick but still needs some input to maintain good posture (unlike using the BigBuoy that makes things far too easy). I was happy to keep a pace of 2:12min/100m for that with some lengths better than 2:10min/100m.

Fortunately on the way home I had a physio appointment and so I've had the various tight spots around my shoulders and forearm massaged out leaving a little tenderness around the elbow. As usual we had the talk that this means I don't have a classic tendonopathy and can continue training; although a rest is divided tomorrow.

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