Saturday 16 March 2013

20km without a parkrun

Now I've repeated the 20km distance but without the fast, mostly level laps of Endcliffe Park. I'll admit that the pace was slow but the ground was quite muddy and there was 500m of ascent, 100m more than on my previous 20km. Running a little loop near the house got me to the 20km but really I should have gone around the block again to reach the half-marathon of 21.097km.

Last thursday I went for a shorter distance with the aim of some speed. I succeeded in a fast-for-me 1km along Millhouses park but the return uphill to home was hard work. Nonetheless I think such variety is needed.
Goldstar from psdGraphics
I'm excited by Strava (see widget on the right) at present as it does more dynamic updating of performances than Garmin Connect. Unlike other packages it also allows comparison of performance on segments of a run in the free version.  These features mean that has generated 'achievements' nearly every time that I've been out. Children love receiving gold stars to reward their efforts, and so it seems do I.

(As an aside, it is worth mentioning though that I did a bulk upload from Garmin Connect to Strava via GarminSync. This third party script started with my newest runs and worked backwards in time. So some of my historic achievements may not be accurate...)

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