Saturday 23 March 2013

Over 7 minutes per km!

Unusually the weather forecast has been spot-on for the last 2 days and so the suburbs of Sheffield are under a blanket of snow.

Picturesque Sheffield trees in the snow
Near home it's maybe 100mm deep although in the city there's a mere film of slush. Despite still suffering a sore throat I decided to do the usual saturday run and met up with a much reduced posse (only 1 other) in Endcliffe park. Progress was very slow and I was slowed to a walk up Porter Clough with shortage of breath and burning calf muscles. At Ringinglow the snow was dusty and drifting across the road, piling high against walls. Pretty but a barrier to good progress; striding through up to 500mm will never be easy! Back at the park the 5km parkrun was underway, somewhat surprisingly perhaps, although everyone was slow.

The jog home was more than enough and I count that 14.6km as doubly tough. But that doesn't show on my automated log.

What a change from last Thursday. Fast to tardy in less than 48 hours.

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