Thursday 21 March 2013

Much improved 1km PB

Now I'm 2 weeks into introducing an interval training run and although I'm sure it is too soon to have had a physiological effect I have a new 1km time. My Strava log had a ridiculous 2m47s time but that was due to a GPS glitch that saw me zig-zag a few hundred metres in zero time. So I cropped that run to make things sensible and repeated my attempt at a Millhouses 1km. That is about the only vaguely flat 1km or so length around home.

The result of a bit of effort was 4m18s (or 4m29s on the Strava 'park 1km segment' as it is a little bit over 1km) which I'm pretty pleased with. At the time of posting I'm #10 on the Leaderboard but that could be lost so easily...

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