Saturday 27 April 2013

Better late...

I was in London working this morning so missed the usual Saturday morning run. However I'd resolved to do something similar on my return. So after a cup of tea I was off down to the park and up towards Porter Clough. Things felt right and perhaps a little faster, although I know that can be deceptive. I decided to keep an eye on pace and noted that on this section the average pace dropped below 5minute/km pace here, at the holly bush just after the bridge:

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I pushed on up the Clough and crossed the 'reference point' log at 29 minutes 59 seconds! First time under 30 minutes. Great! Then it was more or less downhill all the way home. Unfortunately I tried to keep a good pace through Limb valley and pulled a calf muscle (again...) whilst navigating the twisty-turny ridges. Nothing serious but an irritation. Should be fine by the next run.

It'll be interesting  to see how close to the 30 minute ascent I can manage next week as the current average is closer to 31 minutes. Only 3% difference but that's a lot. I also need to monitor pace now I have the 5minute goal.

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