Saturday 18 May 2013

Medium long run

In the general rhythm of the Saturday group today was to be an extended loop, but not too much. We tend not to decide too much in advance but I'd got a half-marathon plan...

We set off from the park far too fast to maintain it and that meant it took just under 31 minutes to the top. Not too bad I suppose since the time included being too hot and having to pack away my jacket. Then on to Burbage bridge and back along Houndkirk Road before rejoining the 'normal' route. The hills on this return leg, although short, are quite steep and progress was slow.Nonetheless the average pace was 5:50min/km which isn't too bad for 23km with much of it on undulating trails.

Additionally the longer run added to my May total nicely so the ultimate May Massive goal of 160km is well within reach.

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