Saturday 25 May 2013

Not so fast

Today we had planned a fast attempt at the normal 'Saturday Loop' but in itself that made it doomed to failure. Start off too fast and be too tired to keep up the pace, start too slow and time has been lost. We set off at a fair, but in hindsight too slow, pace but the little team fell back leaving me alone. For some reason my usual pace-setter hadn't turned up! I reached the top of the clough in 30:31 minutes, good, but not good enough. Strava subsequently showed that I'd got a best on the last section of the ascent.

The reminder went alright, arriving back in around 66 minutes. I'd call that pretty good, and amongst my best performances but the group all recalled how ten years ago they could do it in 56 minutes; but the passage of time etc etc. I'm lucky, I wasn't running seriously a decade ago so I'm still improving and don't have the performances of a pre-40 year old self to compare to.

On my way home I called in at the post office and picked up my new, overpriced, running backpack.

UltrAspire Omega
After scanning a load of online and magazine reviews this looked to be a good option; you'll be able to find plenty of these with a quick search. Not a conventional design but the 'vest' style does seem to be gaining popularity in running even though it does look a bit 'ultra'. Who says that running is a cheap pastime? More spending is needed as it looks as though my 18 month old shoes are at the end of their life too!

Probably once the midsole part is showing signs of breakdown it's time to get fresh ones?

Today's run enabled me to pass the fourth milestone in Strava's May Massive so that's not bad.
Another 'gold star'

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