Saturday 26 April 2014

1km swim (almost)

This morning I committed to walking to the pool and then putting in some effort swimming as running is still off limits. When I arrived 30 minutes after opening time all 4 'circular' lanes were in good use and a good swell had developed. As I mentioned in a a recent tweet, the University pool is known to suffer from rough water; a very capable swimmer described it to me as being close to open water swimming. That's probably an exaggeration but gives an impression of the surface.

The first few lengths were scrappy but gradually I reduced my pace and increased shoulder twist (to get above the waves) and settled into a comfortable rhythm. That allowed me to do pairs of lengths and I managed 1 set of 3 lengths - a true 100m. Altogether I did 30 lengths thus totalling 1000m, admittedly with short pauses between pairs of lengths or single lengths.

The speed was glacial but as a beginner I was trying to keep my form neat and breathing compatible with my work load. Hopefully a practice a few times a week will help, so long as I don't develop bad habits!

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