Sunday 15 June 2014

Exercise 6.3

This morning (and early afternoon I suppose) we did a moorland walk of 15km. There was far more ascent and descent than yesterday and I was aware of my left knee being a little delicate quite ear;y in the day. I'd anticipated this so had my pole with me, just in case. I used the poles in the woods leading up from Lea mill where the path is quite steep. In some areas they were a hinderance as the path was muddy but overall they were helpful and were welcome on the 1 in 5 road descent from the ridge at Riber.

One of the plentiful meadows

On return home I was clear that my knees had done enough exercise and so a run was out of question. Now I need to do some rollering as I know I've muscle tightness; hopefully that will relieve some of the tenderness around my left knee too.

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