Thursday 19 June 2014

Luxury hotel swim

I'm not going to mark this post as Exercise x.x because I'm a little bored with that and this session was no part of my running rehab. Admittedly, other entries haven't been either, so perhaps it's time to draw a line in the sand and detail what is.

For a multitude of odd reasons I was away overnight with work and I was booked into the upmarket Marker Hotel. I was only there for under nine hours due to a late arrival and early departure but I did manage to have a dip in their pool.

Image stolen from TripAdvisor
The pool area was beautifully designed and incredibly clean although the grey slate pool lining is not ideal for showing the transition between base and wall at the ends!

I tried really hard not to push forwards with my arms and to finish the stroke. Despite (or because of?) attention to form but due to its short length I managed to complete over 1km at better than 3 minutes per 100m. A record for me.

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