Saturday 19 July 2014

Slow swim

This morning I was working on my stroke (as usual to a degree) rather than continuity and ended up with a rather slow result. My records don't take account of 'rests' so I've no idea of the proportion of movement although  do know that I found the session hard work and did take longer rests. Part of the reason for the effort was that I was trying to exert more force with my arms and use a little more leg action to raise my feet. I suspect that the isolated lengths were a little faster than usual although I've no evidence for that! Something must have been an effort as my arms are tired now! I suspect that I do over-reach a little in my search for a full stroke and that maybe I'd improve my catch with a little less reach - but probably only very little. I'm more sure that I'm not getting enough roll on non-breathing strokes too. So much to think about and try to control.

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