Saturday 29 November 2014

Good until 22km

This morning I ran my Dore Moor Half Marathon at a leisurely pace; as before keeping an eye on heart rate. The weather was indifferent to poor. I set off in mist and it was drizzly until Fox House. There it was raining needing hood up an head down. Luckily as I moved towards home the rain stopped. Whether this was due to the loss of height, the shelter from the plantation of just the passage of time I don't know.

My stomach was fine. I ensured I didn't over eat last night and I had just a single slice of toast with tea for breakfast. Some part of that seemed to help. All was good until I was very nearly home when my left knee developed a bit of pain laterally and in the patellar tendon. After more food I walked into town to collect some pre-ordered trousers. This didn't seem to trouble the knee but on the homewards journey it became quite uncomfortable and that remains.

I can't find a spot that's tender to pressure so hopefully nothing serious. It's a great shame as for the last three months I've been making slow, but clear, progress after injury. Although my chart shows this as my first 40km week I did a 'rolling' 50km in Spain so this wasn't an especially heavy week.

Next week is a recovery week, I hope it is.

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