Saturday 7 March 2015

Recovery 3.3

Swimming again today but including some drills. Legs-only is still very slow but I did manage to do one of the lengths without a stop. I really struggle with "lactic acid" style fatigue in my hips doing this. Is this hip weakness part of my running problem? Who knows. As before, arms-only feels quite easy and I tried a length of trying a slightly faster stroke as I am now locked into a very slow, steady rhythm.

Overall my pace was bang on the 4 minute/100m and at 3:35 minutes/100m with the legs-only lengths removed. I'm very happy with both of these. As for a few days ago, I'm shortening the pauses rather than going faster. I'm also becoming convinced that when I exhale throughout the head down phase I'm over breathing. Presently I'm only doing it in bouts - just as I was a year ago - and it feels fine. It would be better if I can get a longer more gentle approach. Overall, I think I'm regressing to last year, that is making better progress, breathing less and perhaps loosing precision in my stroke. I'm not sorry though, indeed it's deliberate as the last summer's effort at care and precision gave woeful outcomes.

My knees, yes, both of them, are slightly tired today and I'm blaming shoes worn yesterday. I wore smarter shoes to go to a meeting but they aren't dead level despite my best efforts at having them resoled. Are my legs so fussy now?

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