Thursday 12 March 2015

Recovery 4.1 Correlation, causation and coincidence

This isn't about #LCHF or vitamin D but it is about my stomach. I've now been off the omeprazole for two weeks and not running for four weeks. Although I relate my epigastric pain to work-related stress there also seems to be some link with running; especially downhill.

...but there is no such thing as coincidence...

Incidentally, after yesterday's circuit my knees are tired once again (causation). At least I did manage to do some squats and lunges without pain at the time. There is some left patellar tendon pain too but I suspect that is another issue (correlation).

Returning to the work aspect, I had hoped to go for a swim this afternoon but I wasn't able to leave early and couldn't stay on as I had a massage booked. That has helped my shoulders considerably.

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