Tuesday 17 March 2015

Recovery 4.6

Yesterday the physio was very upbeat about the knee's recovery and thought it was doing fine. Yes, it's not causing much trouble but then again I've not really loaded it. We'll soon see how tough it is.

This afternoon I managed to leave work a little early and went to the pool. Oddly there were a number of swimmers slower than me so I moved from my habitual slow lane into the medium one. That meant I had to get a move on so as not to inconvenience others. Amazingly it was OK. I tried to stretch forward on breathing and even felt a bit more grab on the stroke. At each end I set off as soon as I could, usually with 5 seconds so that the swimmer behind stayed behind. A couple of times I checked the lap counter or adjusted my goggles which slowed the average pace down. Even so I achieved a very impressive (for me anyway) 3:07 min/100m for just over the 1000m. Significantly I was fairly consistent in my pace too. Working a little harder seemed to fit in with the breathing better as well.

Looking at the timing I should be able to achieve 3 minutes/100m if I can maintain my best lengths for a spell. Perhaps mid-afternoon is a good time for me too?

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