Sunday 18 December 2016

Costa Blanca swimming

Whilst on holiday I've swum twice, although I had hoped to manage a little more. Irritatingly the pool in the hotel closed before we left. I was told many times that the sea was too cold and although I didn't try it I didn't see anyone in it, which must mean something.

Anyway, the two swims that I did do went fairly well. I didn't take along my pull buoy so most of the distance was done with my legs anchoring me down. That should be good training, surely? The first session I worked on fast intervals and was initially disappointed that I struggled to repeat 30s for 25m lengths. Really that was hard work as that equates to 2:00min/100m which is my target pace with the pull buoy.

In my second session I focussed on increasing pace to give negative splits through 1600m, again without the aid of a pull buoy. I started at my warmup pace of 2:30min/100m and was able to speed up  fairly well. Unfortunately I can't remember the length timings I used (the final set was, I think set at 35s/25m and I couldn't sustain it). What was clear though was that the TempoTrainer was helpful in regulating the progression and should be used in future.

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