Sunday 22 January 2017

September 2016 Week 13 Session 2 (incomplete)

It was back to the cold water of the Goodwin pool this weekend to carry on with my September routine. The 'long' Session 2 is my least favourite and today I ran out of energy before completing it. I suspected that the Garmin Swim would fail (I wasn't disappointed) and therefore tried to work well with the TempoTrainer. I managed sets of 45, 44, and 43 seconds per length for 400m but couldn't achieve the 42s pace. I tried breaking it into shorter sections but I don't have the data for how well that worked. I set out to do a second super set of just slow and fast 400m sets. The first at 47s was manageable but I failed to keep to 45s for the second. That was a bit feeble!

I went along with only a little breakfast and after Saturday DIY and a run so perhaps I wasn't at my best. I noted that I had a little tingling in my arms for the first few warm-up lengths but it faded.

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