Sunday 29 January 2017

September 2016 Week 14 Session 2

As I had time on Sunday morning I chose to do the long Session 2 rather than short Session 1. In the last few weeks I've taken to using the TempoTrainer Pro to stage the sets and today aimed for 46, 45, 44 and 43 seconds per length. Previously I've struggled to keep to 43s and recorded times around 43.7 seconds. Today was 44.1 seconds so a little slow. My excuse is that my arms were tired from DIY over the weekend.

I went into the second superset fairly fatigued with a plan to try 48, 47, 46 and 45 seconds. Pretty much I was stuck at 48 seconds! For the final set I decided to try to pick it off in 100m sets. I managed one at 45 seconds, largely helped by a good first length at 42 seconds, but then faded to 47 seconds despite a stroke rate of 33 SPL. Worn out sums it up.

This Session is hard work and seemingly I'm not improving.

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