Saturday 20 May 2017


I spent a salary bonus on a Garmin 935 as my aging Forerunner 110 has remained unreliable despite fitting new battery 6 months ago. Really it seemed very expensive but I took the plunge after noting that it hasn't received hate mail on various Garmin/watch/Suunto forums so it can't be doing too badly.

It arrived fully charged which was nice, but I topped it up via USB nonetheless. Today I took it for a swim which it recorded satisfactorily.

Naturally a few corners are missed off but some of that could be may fault as my sighting technique is poor so every so often I did a little lazy breaststroke. This leaves the watch submerged and thus lacking a GPS signal. This also accounts for the start in the lake as I lost signal whilst dithering in the not-all-that-cold water. I also messed up the cessation of recording but I think I've learn how to do that now. At least Strava does allow cropping.

Today's swim went well too, around 2km but done very slowly. I'm not sure why I'm so slow as I expected the wetsuit to give me pull-buoy-like speed. I know I'm being cautious in the big pond but I didn't think it was that much! Anyway, today I was in the water at just above 14 degrees for an hour so the wetsuit is certainly helping there. Incidentally  the watch recorded the temperature closer to 12 degrees.

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