Sunday 14 May 2017

Not much?

In a way it's been a low-exercise week as work activities have pushed into the early evening and I haven't felt the need to push something energetic into a thin space. Additionally, somewhere at the beginning of the week I hurt my right hand and so skipped circuit training.

Yesterday's swim at Hatfield was harder than anticipated, mainly due to an apparent 'tide' at the far corner of the lake. Really it must just have been a bit of a breeze. My sighting was better than last week but I struggled to complete the second lap due to calf cramp which has been present, albeit reduced, all of today too. It's tender to massage with the roller and stretching hasn't done much to it. Ouch!

Today we walked around 18miles thereby completing reconnaissance  of all of the key sections of the University's 2017 Big Walk. Each bit is OK, going them into a 50mile whole will be a challenge.

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