Thursday 27 September 2018

Back in the water for 800m

On Monday the physio found that my left arm tested to be as strong as my right even though there was a little pain during the loading. On that basis I'm considered to be well on the road to recovery. So swimming is back on the cards although clearly it is important that I restart very gently.

On Tuesday I swam 10 lengths fairly gently and today 14 lengths. After the warm-up I did a set of bilateral breathing assisted by the pull buoy. It seems to make sense after asymmetric pain and injury to try to develop a bilateral style. Since I'm not pushing for speed or endurance currently there's also logic in trying to be neat, so there the reach, high elbow, bent arm, rotation and elbow-led recovery to try to maintain in my stroke.

Previously my arm was sore in the morning g after swims; it was fine on Wednesday and I hope it's OK tomorrow. Actually recovery is improving as my arm became quite sore after tough circuits on Wednesday and was stiff early Thursday.

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