Thursday 4 October 2018

Snorkel time

Another week of swimming and my arm is doing OK. I'm aware of pain and stiffness in my left elbow still but if anything it's becoming less each day now even tough the arm is in use. Circuits last night wasn't very arm based but lifting and throwing a 7kg medicine ball repeatedly is a fair load.

In line with my policy of trying to improve bilateral breathing, today I swam most of the distance with the snorkel. That's not bilateral at all but it is still symmetrical! That's the main thing. My body seemed narrow and I worked to get a good weight transfer on both sides although I was aware that I wasn't rotating very much. Breathing through the snorkel was hard work even though I breathed on every stroke. I suppose there is a large dead space and resistance which conspire to reduce respiratory efficiency, that is a training load. There are many videos online about the technique gains offered so I should ignore pacing - 'process' not 'outcome'. Lots to practice.

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