Thursday 6 June 2013

Baby steps

I've not run for 8 days due to ill defined pain around my left knee; my guess now is  that it's not ITBS as the discomfort is rather diffuse and tends to move around! I've been stretching, icing and merely walking into work to allow some healing of whatever the problem is. In an attempt to maintain aerobic fitness I have been swimming a couple of times but I can't do that for a 2 hour spell so not very good for endurance training.

Anyway, after a day sat on a train and in a meeting I needed a bit of fresh air. My knee also felt to be improving over the last few days and so I decided, rather hesitantly, to do a run around the block. 1.5km later it was still OK and so I called it a day and did stretches.

Hopefully this marks the beginning of the road to recovery.

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