Saturday 1 June 2013

Bifocal sunglasses

On Tuesday I had my annual eye test and asked the optician about various options for mapreading whilst running with or without sun. I'd read online about using 1 contact lens for close work but he said that only 1 in 3 can adapt to that. He didn't offer a trial of that or anything. Not so helpful. Anyway, more online searching came up with bifocal safety sunglasses. Might be useful in summer, although not good in winter rain!

Elvex Atom glasses with +2 diopter reading area

The reading element is quite low and smaller than that in my normal glasses so it doesn't restrict the main view much. Nonetheless there is a distinct reading area that seems to work quite well. They were just under £9 from here so can't complain if they're not useful in the longer term.

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