Saturday 20 July 2013

Not 'injured' anymore?

Last Monday I saw the physio again and in principle there is now nothing wrong with  The Knee. There is some tightness in muscles of my left leg which isn't ideal and perhaps more strength is needed in certain muscle groups; but that puts me back to where I was in early May. So I've 2 weeks off from physio now and need to get some training (and stretching) under my legs.

Since last week the weather got hotter and hotter and I didn't manage to get out until Thursday. Monday's swim doesn't count perhaps and was really hard work anyway. Thursday was horrid too! Perhaps the large glass of water just before I set out was a mistake as I suffered from a terrible abdominal cramp until I was nearly home. It was a case of run 100m, walk 200m!

Anyway, today was far better and I did a great saturday run, a little extended and with some generally good times. I'm even getting Strava awards again. The weather has broken slightly so not too hot to run.

A relatively expensive piece of foam from Argos

The physio recommended using a massage roller on major muscle groups but rather than try and sell me a medically-specified one she suggested Argos as doing a good one. Decathlon was also mentioned but I couldn't find one on their website. I've tried it briefly and it is possible to get good pressure on the muscles but it's quite demanding to position yourself and move effectively.

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