Saturday 13 July 2013

The hottest day since 2006

Today is the hottest day this year and also since 2006 and perhaps since 1066 if the forecasters are to be believed. It's also the day of the Dig Deep Ultramarathon and Intro Marathon, the latter of which I'd hoped to be half way through by now. Problems with The Knee made that an unwise idea.

Basic route marking near the start of the events; I can't really understand why the easy to navigate bit is way-marked but the fells won't be.
As I felt fairly fit I chose to join the saturday run group and see how I got on. I made a good start and after Forge Dam met some ultramarathoners on the track. I slowed for a chat (a good excuse for me to rest a bit) and heard a little about their tactics. Generally walk uphill, jog if it's easy and hope to finish before dark. I passed a couple more little groups and their appearance was varied - some had the look of fell-running whippets, others didn't! Compression socks were evident, as were hats. They'll have needed those on the moors.

The brief slow down allowed me to get a good time up the clough so I really must be recovering. I was very cautious on the descents on the return leg and so the overall time was 1 hour 13 minutes.

The view on the descent from The Norfolk Arms

For the first time I joined the team at the cafe for a bit more breakfast, the orange juice was particularly refreshing.

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