Wednesday 24 July 2013

Runners' circuit

I've just returned from a 'Runner's Circuit' session at Fairplay gym; where the physio works. It's only a 15 minute easy run from home so quite convenient. In theory the weather and light evenings make it too pleasant to be indoors but the aim is for me to strengthen around my knees and do (the now very fashionable) core training.

After a brief warm-up around the car park we did 15 exercise split between core (lower back, abdomen and balance) and legs. The former I found quite easy as I'd not done very much of that type before. It was just the wobble board that posed a difficulty but even that had become a little steadier by the second set. There were additions to the exercises to make them all tougher so I have those options ahead of me to gain more - and make it feel less easy!

The leg exercises were based on squats and lunges in various orientations and these showed that The Knee isn't is good as its contralateral partner. I couldn't dip as deeply and felt a bit of soreness on effort if the angle became too steep. It may be that this has been lurking for a while, and there is a lack of ability to cope after too much; hence the more acute pain of a month ago. So,  I suppose that localised weakness means I have to do more of these.

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