Tuesday 13 August 2013

Course Record lost

Strava allows users to gain a course record for all the segments that have been registered.

Somehow, I'd gained the record for a track through the woods even though I usually take it very easy (5:12 minutes) as I'm still warming up at that point. Over the weekend I was sent a notification that I'd lost the CR by 20 seconds (4:56 minutes). That sounds a lot but knowing how slowly I cover that segment, I felt sure I could beat the new time. With a bit of effort I beat the new time (4:46 minutes) with 10 seconds to spare. However my jubilation was short-lived as by the time I'd uploaded my new speed there was a new best time of 4:28 minutes! So now I need to cut off a further 18 seconds to regain the CR. I can't see that happening in the next few weeks as the 4:46 felt pretty much to be a limit.

Although the segment is listed as having a 2% grade that's a lie as the first third is more like 12% and a barrier to speed.

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