Thursday 15 August 2013

Getting in the mood

This evening felt far too warm and humid to do a decent run. I'd got tired legs from yesterday's circuit but decided to go out anyway. The first 5km were terrible, very slow, too hot and rather grumbly altogether. Then I caught up with the saturday morning group (they also meet on Tuesdays and Thursday) and after a little chat agreed to push on. I accepted that it was hot, I'd go slowly and enjoy it...

Lo and behold, I achieved my second best time on that segment to Oxstones and it felt easy. It just shows what a change of mood can achieve. As well as feeling better, I even ran a little quicker!

The whole run was sluggish, not helped by having to detour around some rather angry looking cows and calves but hat started asa chore finished as an acceptable 16km run.

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