Sunday 11 August 2013

Just another week

Monday's swim was a mixed bag, I'm getting better but trying to tidy technique involved taking a backwards step and losing something else. In this case I wasn't finishing my stroke well when I took a breath; but when I focus on the stroke the breath was inadequate. Hopefully things will pull together next week.

On Tuesday I was able to leave work a little early and managed 16.5km at a fairly plodding pace. Wednesday was the circuit with a few km jog each way and an Thursday I just didn't feel like do anything after walking home!

By saturday it seemed reasonable to do  slightly extended run including the 'extra 2 hills' and that went fine. The time to the top of Porter Clough was unexceptional, getting that below 30 minutes seems to be really hard for me. A key issue seems to be the speed through the flatter part of the park. Too slow and you've lost valuable time, but too fast and you don't have any reserve left for the final ascent.

Descending through the plantation I suffered from a stitch/abdominal cramp but it settled with a walk near Norfolk Arms. It seemed an odd time for it to start as breakfast was earlier and the panting ascent over.

Just another week, just under 40km run. That needs to increase but how to do it without being 'overtrained'?

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