Saturday 9 August 2014

Generally tired

This morning's swim was hard going and my legs felt tired during the walk there too. Although it's been quite a short mileage week I think the combination of coaching session and Alice's gym class was tough.

I'm continuing to make little progress on the swimming. Today I worked at exhaling for more of the stroke and keeping a long exit. I have tried to face my palm backwards as per Swimsmooth although the Monday tutor isn't keen on it. Early and late in the session I tried to keep my leading arm extended for a brief reach or stretch before the pull stroke. At the beginning I don't think I was succeeding but on the last length I think I did better. I was almost tempted to try more but I had done enough really.

On leaving I enquired about classes at the Goodwin and there is a block in late September. I'll have to book onto that an see if a fresh tutor can do some some good.

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