Monday, 25 April 2016

January 2016 Week 12 Session 3

That's the January SwimSmooth programme completed. I'm still having serious problems with 'fast' sets in that they never are. I do far better when working at a firm aerobic level as attempts to go faster are still linked to more splash and less action.

In my first 400m set I was making an effort and aimed to keep it up until the end. That worked really well with a clear ramp in pace until I was at 2:05min/100m. A pity it wasn't the clear 2 minutes! However in the subsequent 'slow' 'fast' sets I didn't manage to reach this and indeed by the 40th length my pace is declining due to tiredness. If I want to have any chance of achieving the 8 minute time trail later this week I'll have to focus strong but steady.

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