Sunday 15 May 2016

Plug in connector fails (again)

In December 2014 I wrote that the male section of the Hydrapak detachable bladder hose of my Ultraspire pac had snapped. Well this morning I noticed the female part attached to the bladder had fallen apart. As I suspected 18months ago it was difficult to remove the  residual parts from the 'rubber' point on the bladder  as they are hard plastic. With careful use of wire cutters and small pliers I managed to crack pieces out without unduly loading the soft parts, or at least I hope so!

Having tracked down the spare part it slotted right in. Looking closely at it the problem seems to have been that a small patch 'cage' for the spring had cracked. This is similar to the issue I had with the hose where a thin plastic section was the weakest link. Really I don't think the design is robust enough for even occasional use, incidentally I reckon to be very careful with kit! Perhaps the manufacturers, or UK retailers, have come to that conclusion as well?

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