Wednesday 24 June 2015

Night light

On my way home from work I went via Decathlon to get some new running socks. I've been very happy with theirs, so much so that I've started to wear through the toes and heels.

Whilst browsing (a very bad habit when shopping) I spotted the Clic light. The basic lamp was reduced to £6.99 and will attach to a rucsac strap. This seemed like an excellent addition to a head lamp to be a back-up or to give light from a different angle. It can also do white and red light so can be used as a back marker too.
Image from the store's website
The basic specification is quite good, 850Ah lithium battery and 3 white light levels. It's not clear if the LED is well regulated but the predicted burn times of 5 to 12 hours are respectable. 

It'll have to wait a few months for serious use as the nights are pleasantly short at present and I'm not usually out and about at 2am.

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