Sunday 21 June 2015

Paddling for Session 6-ish

Today I wanted to use the Cofield's new policy permitting fins, paddles and snorkels but as I only had the paddles in my bag I had to base my session around those. That fitted pretty well with the third session in my programme.
TYR paddles recommended by Julian Nagi
I'd struggled to use these effectively during my assessment session a few weeks ago but I think I was getting tired. Today they seemed far easier to use effectively and gave good feedback on the catch phase. I was surprised that I needed to go in the fast lane so as not to catch up with other swimmers but I think the 'mediums' were being slow today! It does make sense that I'd be faster with these on but it also makes sense that each length was more tiring. Indeed I couldn't do the programmed 100m sets and made do with 66m length pairs. The paddles clearly gave me feedback on clean entry and a well angled catch but I found the recovery rather awkward.

I suspect that I may have tired shoulders tomorrow...

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