Friday 12 June 2015

Swim session 2

Today's session focussed on trying to keep a high leading arm whilst breathing. For many of the lengths I felt very asymmetric and it was only towards the end of the session I started to understand what was happening.

In my effort to focus on keeping a high leading arm, mostly the left, I was almost stopping, certainly breaking the rhythm of the stroke. I also noted that my body roll was also one-sided. Once this had struck home I did some final lengths trying to incorporate a high leading arm into a regular stroke with even roll. It did feel easier.

On land, just standing, I can't get my upper arm adjacent to my head so that isn't going to happen in the pool. I juts need the arm not to drop! Additionally when doing the short pause with  my leading arm I noticed a habit of lifting my hand and then splashing it down. This must be acting as a break.

Breathing to the left feel less natural and doesn't seem to allow as much breathing. However I feel my arms are better positioned.

From my timings today I was doing 3minutes/100m on the 200m sets. This is much slower than my 'time trial' last week but might be due to a combination of trying to reconstruct my stroke and being tired after work.

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